What Credit Cards and Auto Rental Insurance Share

Fortunately for travelers who rent cars, most credit card companies offer auto rental insurance as an incentive. So why is it then that about twenty percent of users steadfastly opt to buy extra coverage upon renting a vehicle while another twenty percent intermittently do? According to studies, sixty-two percent of auto renters determine that their personal auto policy do not protect their rental car, and another twenty-four percent are not entirely certain if their credit cards do or not.

Want to know what the major cards cover in terms of auto rentals? A detailed report took stock of the four most utilized credit cards and this is what it came up with.

CC Car Renters Insurance

• Every one of the 4 major cc companies do deliver rental coverage of some sort.

• Every one of the 4 major cc companies provided coverage on condition that the renter charged the full rental car sum on its card and declined any form of supplement insurance that the car rental corporation offered.

• All of these credit card companies have the same policy: they do not provide protection for exotic, pricey or antique automobiles; trucks; open-bed vehicles; and ATV vehicles.

• Four of the cc companies deliver coverage for accidents that occur on dirt/gravel roadways. However, one of the four limits this coverage to cars that are maintained on a regular basis.

• Every one of the four major credit cc companies exclude the rental of vehicles that go above mentioned time parameters, while most insure dependent on country limits.

Given the statistics, how should an auto renter proceed?

• Get in touch with your insurance agency. An experienced independent agency should have no trouble reviewing your standard policy to see if you have the necessary coverage.

• Find out from your cc company if there are any limitations to the auto rental insurance that is provided.

• Be wary of long-term auto rentals. Your coverage may not extend to such a situation.

• Acquaint yourself with the terms of coverage. Although your personal auto plan may cover the rental, it may not be applicable for business travel usage.

• When choosing the type of automobile you wish to rent, opt for one that is of comparable worth to your personal vehicle. This will ensure chances that it will be covered.

• Should your existing plan not cover a certain car you wish to rent, explore the possibility of adding a rider that does include the coverage for.

• In the event you do not own your own car, think about buying non owner auto insurance coverage.